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New Again

New Again is a  research creation project that explore new forms of interactive performance that utilizes technology to generate a dynamic sound composition activated by the performer's body movements. Currently used as a mobile app, the composition features a collection of soundscapes that respond in real-time to the body's gestures, transforming the performer into a "full body conductor" and creating a unique language of expression detached from visual materials.

Developed by media artist Marc-André Weibezahn, New Again employs Apple's motion capture technology to estimate the performer's posture and position in front of the camera, altering the interpretation of the composition accordingly. The resulting performance recordings have been reconstructed into a mesmerizing screendance projection, which was featured at the 2022 Toronto Nuit Blanch.

By tracing the body skeleton with the mobile phone, New Again establishes an instant and direct connection between movement and sound, allowing for an immersive and responsive experience. The project aims to explore the potential of emerging technologies and gesture-based practices in sound art, paving the way for new forms of creative expression. All performances take place in a private space, creating a safe and intimate environment for the performer.

Nava M. Waxman                                 Marc-André Weibezahn

Performance & Research                                            Programming & research support

Interaction & Sound design

                                                                                          SONIC MOVES


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