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Choreographic processes - Mobiux (2018)

Archival montage

Glowing greyness

Semiotic of the——studio/body/land/..etc.


Roland Barthes

Drawing of a mobius strip

Variations on growth variations on yellow variations on lost horizon variations on mother.......

Sitting and waiting for meaning to arrive.

To make some sense, some shape out of time and space

Al the yellows are loving.

Ludic - moment

Uncertain status of imagery

Oscillating between movement and stillness

This work engage with intimate retelling of memory and place.


Experimental immersion

The history of secularism

Exist in multiple places

Choreographed montage

What love is changing all the time

Period of the Anthropocene

Object being many versions of itself

Slipping from dreaming space into old concrete awareness

A primary gesture, consisting in the separation of two forms

Semiotic of the land

Notations of Self

Intra space

Recalling what made me to forger time(nature)

What is nature for me?

In the work- nature in relation to memory


Growing up in an environment with a sense of lack vis-a-vis (in relation to, with regard to)

My entire world get coloured by this experience

The suspense of the dance - a contradictory fear of desire to see too much and not enough, demand transparent prolonging.

Moving the beholder

I forgot- I’m afraid- I’m still afraid


We carry a door within us

T first, there was something, springing me into nothing and out of nothing arises the next something. inside and outside

The relationship on things happening at the same time. Spontaneous and irreplaceable.

Equipoised between real and imagined

In the beginning there

I owe all of my self to the wind

Look between the rain

I am nothing absolutely

The things with three souls

Planamal (plant and animal) lol

Nature of thought thought, or the source of desire, or even the structure of self

Metaphorical borrowing

Politics of form

The “Redo” becomes a test site for collective memory, the shifting borders between the personal and the public

Exercise in fake ecology

My desire to keep the subject elusive


The materiality of imagining


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