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Unfolding gesture

This analysis of gestures, I call it the gestural sphere, and it is a culmination of long research trajectories. 
Gesture, Derived from the Latin verb mean to carry.
 In arabic, gesture is - GESTAH
Gestures carry intricate and fluid patterns of movement. 
What is movement? What movement might be? 
How does a diasporic gesture produce new ways of seeing? Unexpected emergence, alternative meaning?
 Can we understand gestures in terms of cultural distance?(archive), time? 
A gesture? Or an image? 
How can we practice memory, embodied knowledge and identity through gestures?
 Gestures carrying? Or carried by? 

Aaaaaaa___ aaaa_ a_aaa aa aaaa_aa ama_ama_amah. 

What and where is the ‘inscriptive’ support of a gesture? Invisible inward inscription, affective, linguistic mark-making, or maybe affective scripting, inward movements. Embodied inscription of habits, loss, displacement, intergenerational trauma 
And choreography. 
The body as a place, the place you know and the place you haven't been, and yet, you know. 
Place, slash, space. 
Where did you come from? Where are you going? 
In my practice, I’m contemplating gestures through motion and materialities, and it became an on-going thing, like an open work. This text is an open work (we can talk about it later.) 
Inscriptions of movement in a “hyper gestural sphere”? Cybernetic. Cybernetic epiphanies, complex constellations of gestures, intermediated, “intra”-mediated, producing dance of agency, choreography of agency.( Karen Barad - Andrew Pickering-cybernetic) 
(ps, borrowing the intra from Karen Bara’s “Intra-action”.) 
The body becomes its own archive; the body as a carrier, as a hyper container, is inscribed, re-inscribed with unique, complicated histories, intra-mediated through our somatic, kinesthetic, digital, and performative means. 
Streaming, screening, capturing, recording, and mediating. The non-images. 
The gesture that are manifested through "redoing" , on returns, (I’m referring here to notions of the performative turn, the experiential turn) 
Returning returning and never the same Always anew
 A little
 A difference 
(Derrida discusses it using concepts like the mediation of a trace through repetition, difference, iteration.(Iteration also speaks to the migration of one’s own corporeal inscriptions of affective gestures onto other bodies. 
What do you rely on to feed the gestures? 
Judith Butler talks about THA moment, “When Gesture Becomes Event”, and the difference between action and gesture, performance and performativity. “gesture is meant to be extracted from the temporal flow of ordinary action, presented in relative isolation from what precedes and follows' ' 
The power of a diasporic gesture to challenge convention. The urgency of a gesture to disrupt norms.. 

The concept of gesture as an event is also present in Gilles Deleuze's concept of a "line of flight," where gesture is a fleeting movement that usually goes unnoticed, and has little impact on how people communicate or interact. 
Gestures are bodily miracles because they originate from a region beyond the conscious mind. The body is an anonymous medium for gestures. 
The bodily gesture enjoys itself as a mode of communication free from intentions, consciousness, or the pressure to be articulate, innate communicability: as a "means without ends" (Giorgio Agamben). 

A gestural (im)pulse. 

An innate attitude of movement expresses itself without any particular aim, purpose, or profit. A kind of “inner itching.” 
When we are unable to continue communicating in an articulate manner, we re-act through non-verbal gestures; eyy, ahh, ohhhhh, hoooo...and written gestures like dot, dot, dor, dot, dot, dot.. 
A pause. 
It is now Sunday, November 13th, 2022. As I’m working on this presentation text, I am witnessing the first flurries of the season, through my bedroom window. 
Why is it so important to interpret or investigate gesture specificity? This back and forth between gesture as symptom and gesture as symbol is a sign of the postmodern crisis in gestuality we're going through right now. 
Suzan Kozel talks about the "unspoken" things that happen between gestures and fall into the realms of impression, intuition, memory, and the imagination. 
There is always a movement before each inscription. 
I am interested in the role of new media technologies in archival art practices at the moment. I'm particularly intrigued by the incorporation, reconstruction, and adaptation (re-turn) of archival inscriptions into 
mixed-reality environments (AR, VR). I've become increasingly interested in the presentation of archival sound gesture in an AR environment, in order to learn the intuitiveness of gesture-based expression and the creative potential of responsive technologies in archival art practices and immersive installation. 
How can a trace of a gesture evoke an emotional response from the viewer? “user”? How do gestures have the ability to "move" us in every way? To force us out of our comfort zone? 
The diasporic inscription is a mark here and now, of something else, of something not-here and not-now. Its whole meaning is to point beyond itself, to have its origin elsewhere. 
Some elusive mark, a faded stain, some bruising on the surface that has been moved and removed, and some evidence on the surface (what is a surface? Land? Earth?canvas?paper?body? Wood? Clay? Camera lens? algorithm?. 
I was always working against it, against that sense of loss. a drawing or painting is in the performance, but it’s not an object. It’s a gesture. An act. 
With this sense of continuity, I was always working with it. My art-work in an open ended work. 
A. A. a. A. a. A. a. 
Ancestral gestures transformed into symbolic representations of a certain movement pattern that inherently became an embodied inscription. 
In post-digital culture, bodies embody "operational gestures," which are inventions of gestures used to operate computers and smartphones. Tap, swipe, drag, pinch, expand, slide. 
These are inventions of profitable gestures that are an enormous part of capitalism (gestural codification). It’s digital kinesthesia: - images\sound\movement generate the raised eyebrow, the glance, the stopping of breathing for a moment, the staring, pausing, responding back through gesture, or different applications. 
Orality and literacy collapse, merge, and mutate in a GIF file. 
A score:
 Imagine Encapsulating your entire being into a single gesture. 
If only I could encapsulate my entire being into a single gesture. 

Can I think about gestures in terms of historical distance?
Gestures and it’s temporalities
A gesture? Or an image?
Historical or methodological approaches to gestures’
Memory, knowledge and duration of the past through gestures
The gesture face with the primacy of the image
How to conceptualize the memory of the body as an archive
To start from the gesture in the present mean to start from the gestural experience
Understanding the gestures through the experiences, perceptions and knowledge i get from them
Practices, experiences and interpretation
Questions about the sensitive experience of a gesture

What gesture was carried? Or carried by?
Gestures in the context of the act of caring
What are you relying on to feed the gesture?
The mass floating support of gestures
Conceiving the duration of gestures in large hyper gestural regime 
Diagram is made by a semiotical matter and physically matter 

Gesture contain in itself some dimension of space and time - gestural beings
Gestural particles 

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