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Performative action

The action and reaction of creation is an intrinsically reflexive process, part of a lived embodied experience that artists find difficult to describe. It as an intense, focused experience, in which a sense of time disappears and action is effortless. For me, it is not just a space where the “flow” of collected experiences mingle and merge, but a deliberately reflexive process I have trained myself to enter into and remain in.

By means of devising and performance making, they emerge from embodied and digital practice.

Performativity as a research methodology (a manifesto for performative research)

This body of performances was used through reflexive writing to write about my methodologies.

The research explores embodiment and identity in the aesthetics of gestures through performing inscription, performative actions of mediating, displacing bodily and painted gestures across surfaces and the digital cameea.

Theory and practice point to a deeper engagement with the different selves and identities that can be built and broken down in digital performance and interdisciplinary or digital multimedia art forms.

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