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Movement, motion, the body in space, time, temporary, passing through and outward

Measure the mark, Before and after,

The space between, space travel, walk around, walk among, take your shoes

Recording act

Light travel,

Marks on the wall, write letters on the floor, measure the distance, traces the light, play, repeat, a migratory cycle,





Verbal scoring


Eliminating, suspended, blure

Archive of information


Felling of movement towards, sublime feeling, before and after, point of measure, loose measure

Mark manifest its existence




Drifting about painting layers, Opening, calm.

What it feels is in the movement, Before and after

It’s a Recording act.


Keep in mind to keep it open.

Chalk line Feeling


Contrast, embrace, let go



The floor is stained with two sides of the story

Two places in sync.



Width, height, weight, colour, shape, density, presence, fluidity, ambivalence, uncertainty, singling, shining, dimming, deepening.


Knowing Like a river

Body notes




I'm always thinking about my feet


I'm holding different things in different parts of my body.


The distance between the doors

Weaving red flag,

It's time to pull out

Circling lost, different timings, shuttering, following



Held breath.

I am the sum of my experiences.

Sorting out , what am I doing?

Collapse, drive,


Body shape sensuous, fragmenting, listening, consuming, anchor,  anchors of power

Seeing without looking.



Breath and wind, shallow pond.

Yellow Harmonics, directions

Dessert lines, channeling yellow from inner and outer space.


Notate the movement light.

Let it open.


My feet

My wearing Blue

My feet is well rooted in the existential field. My body inscribing, transcending

A falling out.

A pleasure


Eros and thanatos

To bring up


To cave in

The spectacle of line-making

Let the doodles to be heard.

You’re waiting for everything to happen at once.


My body is

Call in the spirits.

My body is a material, some sort of substance, red earth.

Let it be present, let the time

The self saying let it be

Let it be quick or slow

let it touch and move

You can’t escape the way things are for you but you clearly see them as a child’s blanket.

My memories tell me,  Mute it

You are song

Constant struggle

A tree, a swan

Name it,

A false calm


make sense durable

There are no rays of sunshine

Does it matter if my hands are longer than yours?

Aren't they all wish to reach?

Tribes, lines, borders, refugees, entanglements

The space between


My feet.

A shine

Brush and take away the dust from the board

Carve out, etch the edge


Turn the chairs upside down, trace the edge of the chair, dance with the chair, play a screen.


There in space over the canvas the sound of chalk

I am vulnerable

Like beach sand

I am black with sin,

There are swallows of new thoughts

but I’m comely with virtue.

A cascade of invisible colour

A grace in the sadness.


It ends in my body.


If I could just encapsulate my whole being into one single gesture.

Grass and crack dividing lines, flags float, in curls above your body

I don’t have any more words

There is a lifting up of bones



Words we didn’t use:




That’s it, that's all I have

How come i have more?








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