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Alireza Keymanesh (b. 1985, Iran) is an independent artist currently living in Toronto, Canada. He is adventuring in the world of art as a filmmaker, actor, choreographer, lecturer as well as contemporary dance and acting teacher focused on body-mind techniques. Alireza earned a BA in acting from Tehran University of Arts in 2009 and likewise carried out a dance theater research project, entitled “The Society’s Influence on the Human Body” in the context of partaking in dance, choreography, and DAI (Dutch Art Institute) courses at ArtEZ University in the Netherlands in 2013. Currently, he is studying at York University's MFA in Film Program. Alireza had been a main member of “84 Theater Group” from 2007 to 2017. Furthermore, he is one of the co-founders of “33Projects”, an underground multidisciplinary art company in Tehran besides being the co-founder of “33School”, an underground dance school, which was located in Tehran, and currently, its goals are improving through the virtual world. Additionally, he has been introducing and developing the Ideokinesis method in Iran by holding numerous workshops, and lectures as well as translating the Ideokinesis book written by André Bernard into the Persian language. His physio-philosophical knowledge of this technique and other eastern practices has been deepened since 2013 by studying with Eva Karczag.

Keymanesh, as a filmmaker, has succeeded in being given several international awards from various festivals around the world. On the other hand, as an actor, he has been known and awarded twice as one of the Best Actors of the year in the Annual Iranian Theater Ceremony in addition to receiving the International Jury’s Laudatory Acting Prize at the 35th Fajr International Theater Festival. In 2022, he was nominated as one of the best actors on the Iranian theater scene between the years 2019-2022 at the Hafez Awards.

He has appeared in distinct styles of theater such as classical and realistic scripts modern and contemporary plays, absurd theater, comedy genera, puppet theater, physical and dance theater as well as acting in cinema and movies.

Currently, Alireza's main intention is to take the most advantage of his knowledge and skills in theater, dance, cinema, and creative writing to express his perspective in his personal cinematic way.

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