Susan Kozel - Closer - pdf p254)

Repeated encounters with otherness, and the unsettling unpredictability of these encounters, are always latent in the experience of performing with responsive technologies. A peculiar relation with alterity occurred in one particular section of immanence as my body became flesh, or meat. My movement was transfigured into visuals with the uncanny look and feel of a live Francis Bacon painting. My face and limbs seemed to be stripped of the outer layer of skin, appearing like raw meat, with moments where eye sockets, ribs, teeth, or fingers were clearly visible prior to dissolving anew into a visceral smearing. There was a feeling of having been flayed, but also a tremendous life force or power to this state of a body turned inside out (which was no longer just my body). Levinas’s description of the encounter with the face of the other was challenged: the image pre- sented itself to me as an other denuding itself of its skin, sensibility on the surface of the skin, at the edge of the nerves, offering itself even in suffering” (2002, 15),